About us


A growing company in the field of metalworking and construction in Norway and throughout Europe. Our main value is an effective approach to everything we do.
Sveising-Bygg AS is a few generation family owned business with strong traditions and reputation established over the years. It skillfully merges with the latest developments in the field of metalworking and construction. Our work allows us to quickly settle any tasks as required by our partners and customers. Our company employs the best engineers, builders and metalworkers, which enables us to always find the most effective and profitable solutions for our customers.
Since time and quality are the top priorities for all our customers, we work closely with our approved suppliers to ensure that our customers receive orders on time.
We strive to become the leader in the market of metalworking and construction services in Norway. We are not afraid of challenges and complex tasks as this is exactly the area where we see to develop and expand. We provide individual technical solutions to each client and implement them by using the most up-to-date equipment and latest technology. Our unique selling point is the efficiency in everything that we do. This is the key aspect that gives us a reputation of a reliable partner and subcontractor.
Sveising-Bygg AS is focused on quality in everything. Our long history of work and reputation are the best proof of that. All our specialists are high-level professionals with appropriate certifications.
We strive for continuous improvement, introducing the principles of lean manufacturing (LEAN system) to reduce our customer costs, to achieve excellent efficiency and to supply our customers with high quality products. ISO 9001: 2008 and EN 287-1 certification is a proof of our high level of expertise and competence.
We treat the environment responsibly and put the environmental care at the forefront. The development strategy of our company is focused on providing products and services that meet the requirements of our customers and all European standards while maintaining consideration towards the environment. We show respect towards the environment by using the latest technology that meets all the requirements of legislation and allow us to save natural resources and reduce pollution of the environment. We take care of health and safety of our staff, who all undertake and pass HMS safety training course.