During production in our manufacturing plant we use modern high-tech equipment for work and technical control, which ensures high accuracy and quality of manufactured and repaired products.

We offer all possible types of welding: submerged arc welding, as well as semi-automatic, argon and point welding (TIG, MIG and MAG according to EN 287-1). Our services are always distinguished by high technological process. Our staff are qualified and prepared to work with new technology, which allows them to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently. All work is carried out under strict guidelines of the welding requirements of WPQR and in compliance with all standards.

Our trained staff perform the following metalworking jobs:

– Laser cutting, Plasma cutting, Gas cutting, Water jet cutting
– Folding
– Roll bending
– Bending
– Shearing
– Hot cutting
– Folding
– Pressing
– Straightening
– Welding
– Mechanical treatment of materials
– Hand grinding
– Manufacture of welded assemblies
– Treatment of castings
– Bending
– Surface treatment by blasting and painting
– Grinding
– Heat treatment of materials – hardening. Heat treatment Ferritizing annealing and stress relief annealing, KRGw-09/2330 oven (REMIX), weight of charge: 6 tons
– Polishing
– Deburring, trimming, chamfering and other finishing works
– After cast service
– Fettling
– Grinding of Grey Cast Iron
– Fine deburring
– Track-type Blasting Plant
– Spray painting
– Powder painting
– Galvanizing
– Assembly of components We assemble and connect components and structural components.
– Final inspection with endoscope and hardness test

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